Important Notice: FXCM Bullion to end operations

Thank you for supporting FXCM Bullion throughout the years. We will stop operating in the near future and would like to inform you about trading and your account status. As of 20th April 2022, FXCM Bullion will cease to offer any trading or trading-related services.

If you still have an account balance, please withdraw the full balance of your fund via MyFXCM and close your account. We recommend the following procedure:

Login to MyFXCM → select “Withdraw Funds” under “Funds” → submit your withdrawal request following the instructions. We will handle your request as soon as possible.

Please make sure to review your profile on MyFXCM and update it with your latest bank information. To do so, log in to MyFXCM with your FXCM Bullion account details and make any necessary changes under "My Info → Profile".




您可登录MYFXCM → 选择“资金”下的“提款” → 根据指示提交您的提款申请。我们将尽快处理您的申请。

请务必查看您在MyFXCM上的个人资料并更新您的银行信息。登录MyFXCM并在“我的资料 → 简介”下进行任何必要的更改。

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